Career Profile

Research-focused CS student with a passion for software engineering, physics, and math. Currently trying to simulate real-world phenomena with high-performance computing. Experienced in full-stack web and app development for social good.


Research Assistant

Aug 2022 - Present
  • Integrated 16 bug fixes and code enhancements in MFC, an open-source, high-performance fluid dynamics solver
  • Introduced new physics in MFC to include immersed solid objects, with only a <0.5% increase in the runtime
  • Leveraged OpenACC and OpenMPI to parallelize this feature for exascale supercomputers
  • Expanded CI tests on GitHub to include 4 new compiler and build scenarios
  • Won the President’s Undergraduate Research Award ($1500) for Summer 2023
  • Pursuing groundbreaking project to simulate vapor cones formed by supersonic jets for the first time

My Simulation of Flow Past a Cylinder in MFC

Research Lead

Aug 2020 – Jan 2022
  • Guided a team of 5 researchers in building a plantable microcomputer to collect & analyze soil data.
  • Integrated various sensors into an Arduino and programmed a wifi module to send their output to an SQL database.
  • Increased community garden’s yields by ~15%
  • Presented the group’s research at 2 expos and 4 colloquiums.
  • Won the ASDRP Leadership Award out of ~100 students.


MedTrak | 1st Place @ TitanHacks
  • Programmed a blockchain in Solidity to track the availability of COVID-19 relief equipment.
  • Built an endpoint in Flask to send data from the blockchain to the frontend for it to be displayed on a heatmap.
ResuMatch | 1st Place @ #TechTakesOnUnemployment Challenge
  • Scraped training data for an NLP model that helps the unemployed find work by analyzing soft skills on their CV.
  • Developed a website in React for users to upload their CV’s and see job listings.
HealthyRef | Personal Project
  • Engineered an app in React Native that utilizes ingredients from a virtual fridge to recommend recipes.
  • Integrated AWS Rekognition to allow users to scan ingredients with their camera.


Board Member

August 2020 - Present
  • Led 50 volunteers in developing entrepreneurship programs, tech camps, and hackathons.
  • Used revenue to sponsor the education of underprivileged students & break the cycle of poverty.
  • Created the ambassador program and launched it in 3 new countries.
  • Raised $100,000 and provided for the education of over 80 undergraduates with 700+ volunteer hours.

Skills & Proficiency



MERN Stack


OpenACC, OpenMPI


C, C#